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Benidorm Photos - Heartbreak hotel Rock Bar, Levante Beach Benidorm

Heartbreak hotel Rock Bar, Levante Beach, Benidorm
Heartbreak Hotel Rock Bar, Levante Beach, April 2005

One of the many rock bars along Levante Beach, Benidorm. The Heartbreak hotel is further down towards the Old Town end of Levante beach. Other rock bars in this area include the Daytona Beach bar.

There is live music day and night and you can't help but join in the fun.

one thing wrong with the pic it should be me sat there as this bar is my favourite bar in all the world. everytime i go to benidorm i go there because of the view,the staff,the music, keep up the good work

Here i have seen more than one of the most beautiful bikes off the world. Nice bar to chill in daytime.
Simoen Andy

I visited Benidorm in May, by far the best Bar that girls and I visited was the heartbreak hotel Rock Bar, the Staff the music, the view and the atmosphere was fantastic, looking forward to coming back in September, see you all soon.

first...(Benidorm airport bus)

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