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Benidorm Photos - The English Square, Av. Mallorca, Benidorm

The English Square, Benidorm (The Square)
The English Square, Benidorm (The Square)

Now this is where it all happens, Benidorm by night is The Square!

On the left is Sinatra's and Linekers bar. Across the road is Champions Bar, Cafe Benidorm, Beachcomber, Lennons, Hipodrome.... and more.

I have bin working there for 2,5 year. I will tell ya this is the hottest place off Benidorm. Free entree everywhere, what do u want more? This and the big disco`s ,like KM,KU,Pennelope,Pacha,Racha, .....and many more are the best places to be.
xxxxx Andy


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