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The Snack, Sonia's British Bar

A warm welcome to The Snack (Sonia's British Bar), from Sonia and staff.

In The Snack, Sonia's British bar you'll find all that you'd expect from a British Bar in Spain.

We offer a wide range of great value British food, including:
  • Full English breakfasts
  • Mixed Grills
  • Take-away food and snacks
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Fish and Chips
  • Pies & Burgers
  • All our food is made with the best British products which can also be purchased from our British Supermarket, just next door. Food is served from 9:30 in the morning up until 9:00pm everyday, but the bar will remain open into the early hours. So come in for your evening dinner, choose from our great value menu and then stay for the relaxed atmosphere and catch up on all the best British soaps including Emmerdale, 'Corrie' and Eastenders.


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    Watching the soaps in the early evening

    The Snack, Sonia's British Bar, New Town, Benidorm

    Calle Lepanto - Local 3
    New Town

    -Opposite Champions, next door to the shoe shop.
    Near Hotel Orange and Hotel Presidente just round the corner from Hotel Venus.

    Tel: 966 804 583

    The Snack, Sonia´s British Bar, Benidorm New Town

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