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Benidorm Website Design and website Re-design

Single Page Internet Publicity - webpage

Ideal for small bars, restaurants, holiday rental apartments etc.

do not have a website yet, then we can create a full business page for your bar, restaurant or other Benidorm related Business. If you are serious about doing business in Benidorm we can help with our highly cost effective internet advertising. Some poeple think that having a 'web page' is good enough. Well what do you really need from your webpage? You need it to promote your product, or promote your bar or restaurant. You need people to find and read information about your business.

That's where comes in. Our Benidorm Guide is viewed 1000's of times every week and is indexed by all the major search engines. This means that your business will not get lost in the myriad of redundant information on the internet.

Your webpage will actually be viewed by people who really WANT to know about your business in Benidorm and want to find out what you have to offer when they visit Benidorm!

The small business page consists of:
  • Your company logo (copied or designed by us)
  • Full description of your business
  • Up to three photographs (taken by us or provided by yourselves)
  • Quicklink:
  • MAP of how to find your business premises
  • Directions
  • Full contact details:
    • Address
    • Telephone numbers and Fax
    • Link to an e-mail address
    • List of nearest hotels and apartments
  • Review on the main Benidorm Guide. With logo, description and link to your main page.

All this for 100 Euros/ year - NO DESIGN OR SET UP FEE!
- Less than 8.40 Euros per month

Add extra items to your webpage:

  • Feedback Form - (See our contact page for demonstration)
    This form will help you get the information you really need from potential customers rather than to-ing and froing with e-mails. Choose from any combination of:
    • Tick Boxes
    • Drop-down Boxes
    • Addresses etc
    • (Ideal for apartment owners who need specific information)
  • Guestbook - Where customers can leave messages and comments
  • PhotoAlbum - Show the world pictures of your wild and crazy nights!
  • URL - e.g.

Sound good? Go to our Contact Page to contact us and find out more.

Full Independent Website design for your business in Benidorm

More complex full websites can be designed for your business, we never use website building tools, all our websites are designed hand-coded and created to order, so you get a totally individual look for your business.

This also means that the code behind your website will be crisp and clear, which means quicker loading times and makes the pages easier to read and index by search engine 'robots' and 'spiders'.

To discuss your requirements and receive a quote, please contact us.

For an example of this type of website, please have a look at:
Pig and Whistle, Benidorm Old Town .