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Your Guide To Benidorm Beaches

Benidorm Beaches

Benidorm's beaches are among the best in the world in terms of facilities and cleanliness and the vast expanses of fine golden sand. Benidorm's beaches are cleaned every night and have been awarded European Blue Flags, the wide prominade runs the full length of Levante beach which is lined with cafes, shops, restaurants and bars.

The beaches also have great access for people with disabilities and pushchairs in the form of wooden runways which run down towards the sea. There is also the 'Accessibility Plan' where you can swap push chairs and wheelchairs for more beach friendly versions with large wheels so that you can access any areas of the sand and go right down to the water.

Playa de Levante - Levante Beach, Benidorm

This is where most people gather in the Summer season, this beach stretches for about 2 kilometres from the Old Town or 'Benidorm Centro'. If you are staying in the 'New Town' (Levante), the or Rincon de Loix , this will be your nearest beach. This beach does get very busy in the summer, but is also where most of the activities take place. There are all types of watersports including jetskis, scuba diving and a waterskiing tow.

Biblio Playa, preview unavailable

About half way down this beach there is small marquee. This is a library where you can sit in the shade and read books, magazines and the day's papers.

In the evening, join the locals walking along the long promenade and marvel at the great sand sculptures painstakingly created near the top edge of the beach. Some to look out for include recreation of the Last Supper, Pegasus, giant sandcastles and full nativity scenes complete with baby Jesus, cattle and Mary and Joseph.

Sand sculptures, preview unavailable

The bottom end (near the old town) of Levante beach is home to some of the more lively and well known beach bars. You have Penelope's and KM Beach bar (KM also has a huge 5000 capacity nightclub on the outskirts of the town). Also here is the home to the American style Rock Bars including; Heart Break Hotel and Datona Beach Bar, which play live Rock Bands day and night.

Poniente Beach, Benidorm

Playa de Poniente - Poniente Beach Benidorm

This beach runs all the way from the edge of the port in the Old Town past 'Dove Park' and right down towards La Cala (near The Hotel Gran Bali). The Playa de Poniente is longer than Levante Beach and is much more peaceful. There are some English and Spanish bars set back from the beach across the main road.

Benidorm Beaches

Playa de Mal Pas

There is a small cove between the Port and the Old Town known as the Playa del Mal Pas. The Playa Del Mal Pas can be be reached from the behind the port or from steps that descend from view point behind the church in the Old Town.

Playa de Cala Finestrat

This is not strictly in Benidorm, but is just to the west. Cala Finestrat is still on the Benidorm bus route and is a smaller secluded beach. But be warned, this area is being highly developed at the moment. They are currently building the new Magic Atrium Beach Hotel, which is to become the largest hotel in Europe. So although it is a nice beach, the on-going building works may put you off for the moment.