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Centric Travel is now celebrating one year on the web. We have started our success with Benidorm in the Costa Blanca (White Coast) of Spain because it has had some bad press in the past and we think it is a much overlooked holiday destination.

Benidorm offers something for everyone from youngsters to the more mature individuals. There's everything from great beaches, nightlife and bars to afternoon tea and Bingo! Everything from wild rollercoaster rides and water flumes to relaxing walks in the hills.

The choice of excursions available from Benidorm ranges from visits to the beautiful mountain village of Gaudalest and the waterfalls of the Fonts de Algar to down hill mountain bike tours and the famous Jeep Safari.

Use Benidorm to be in the centre of it all or just as a great base to get out and do so some sightseeing.

For people wanting to spend a bit more time in the sun we also have the new Centric Travel Benidorm Jobs Forum. This forum will enable all the business and bar owners to advertise jobs to the public for free. You can access it from which-ever country you originate from and leave a message for the local businesses for FREE.

We also have a very reasonable advertising program for people wishing to be included on our site. Advertise on our site our choose to have a full website created for your business. Go to The Beer Barrel, Old Town, Benidorm To see an example of our work.

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List of Advertisers

Bar DominoInternet bar, Old Town, Benidorm
The New InnKare-Oke and Caberet, Calle Londres (London Road), Rincon De Loix, Benidorm
Witches BistroGreat Food at reasonable prices, Calle Mirador (Near to Hotel Princesa and Hotel Victoria), Benidorm
The Beer BarrelSports bar and Pub Grub, Old Town, Benidorm (Next to The Queens Hotel)
Benidorm SpotlightApartments for rent in Benidorm

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