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Intro - About Us<\/H1>") content.document.write("The Beer Barrel is Benidorm's newest British Pub Sports Bar. We offer all the major sporting events live on both of our state of the art Wide Screen Plazma TVs. We serve a cool pint of Carling or Strongbow and also all the top brand spirits and mixers you'd expect at very reasonable prices.

") content.document.write("We also offer great Pub Grub throughout the day, choose from a selection of fresh pies, pasties, quiche, all offered with a fresh salad and bread or mash and mushy peas. Or maybe you'd prefer to try our soup of the day with fresh crusty bread?") content.document.write("

View from the inside across the bar

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Our large terrace is shared with the Queens Hotel<\/a> just next door, so if you're sitting on the terrace overlooking the square (Plaza de Constitucion) and 'Tapas Ally' you may instead prefer to choose a meal from the Queens Hotel's Bar or Restaurant Menus.
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The Historic Old Town of Benidorm is a far cry from the high rise buildings behind Levante Beach. You should take some time to explore the narrow streets and alleys of the Old Town.
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The narrow streets leading up towards the Church and the Balcon De Medeterraneo where you can see views across the whole of Benidorm.<\/center>") content.document.write("<\/h1><\/div><\/body><\/html>") content.document.close() } function writeContent2() { content.document.write("<\/head>") content.document.write("
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Photos - You might find yourself here!") content.document.write("<\/h1>

This is where we'll be adding photographs from special events and big nights, so check back regularly and you might find yourself. Also, if you have any pictures of your party at the beer barrel or queens hotel you can send them to us by e-mail and we will try to include them here.

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") content.document.write("View from the street across our terrace

") content.document.write("A hen night gathers for drinks on the Terrace

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Find Us<\/h1>Print off this map and take it with you on your visit to Benidorm to easily find us whilst exploring the historic Old Town") content.document.write("") content.document.write("<\/h1><\/div><\/body><\/html>") content.document.close() } function writeContent4() { content.document.write("<\/head>

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Special Events
Up and Coming special events will be listed here") content.document.write("<\/h1><\/div><\/body><\/html>") content.document.close() } function writeContent5() { content.document.write("<\/head>

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CONTACT US - By using this form") content.document.write("<\/h1>If you would like to have a link to our site from your website or have some other enquiry please e-mail us. We can currently be contacted by e-mail on the following e-mail address:

") content.document.write("E-mail us at<\/a><\/h2>") content.document.write("

Alternatively, you can use this feedback form to send us your enquiry:<\/h2>") content.document.write("
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The Beer Barrel


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